So you need a New or Used vehicle and the last time you bought a car the whole process took way too long and you came away wondering if you really did get a good deal.
We understand that you have a very busy life. We all do these days. Between family, home and work there just isn't any time left to spend hours at a Dealership.
We can help you SAVE TIME, figure out which vehicles fit in your budget and get you approved for Financing or Leasing. All from your computer, tablet or smart phone without getting a half dozen annoying phone calls, emails and texts every single day.

Step One: Check out our Virtual Showroom of New and Used Vehicles
It doesn't matter whether it's new or used. Use the pull-down menus (top of the page) to select the types of vehicles you want to consider.

Step Two: Click on a Vehicle.
Click on the photo of any vehicle in our inventory and you will go to that vehicle's detail page.  The current FACTORY MSRP and INCENTIVES are already there as well as
GEORGETOWN CHRYSLER EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTS. You can review Options, Features, Specifications and great pictures, videos and Virtual Reality Spins (Interior & Exterior) of the entire vehicle. You can even review the Factory Window Sticker for every new vehicle in our inventory.
If you are looking for a New vehicle and we don't have exactly what you want in-stock, there is a Build & Price page where you can put together the Vehicle, Options and Features you want. Exactly the vehicle you are looking for. We can usually dealer trade and get the vehicle within a day or two.

Step Three: Structure My Deal
Click on Personalize Payments if you want to see if that vehicle fits your budget. The current Factory Rebates and Incentives as well as interest rates are there as well as  DISCOUNTS. You can also look at Lease payments.
If you are curious as to whether you can Qualify for Financing or Leasing, then click Pre-Qualify for Credit. This will send your information to our Finance Department where one of our Business Managers will review the information you provided. They can also provide you with excellent advice as to the best way to proceed.
If you want to get the "Ball Rolling" then select Apply for Credit. This will push your application directly into our Bank Connected Finance System and you will receive your approval directly by email.

You have just spared yourself about 1.5 hours at the Dealership and don't worry, you haven't made any commitments and your privacy is guaranteed.

Step Four: Let's Talk By now one of our highly trained Product Advisors has called, texted or emailed (as you prefer) to say "Hi". We know what you are looking for and can answer any additional questions you may have.
When you are ready, your Product Advisor can arrange a comprehensive Demonstration and Test Drive at a time that suits you. If you'd like we can even arrange to bring the vehicle to you.

Step Five: Come See Us  We are friendly, knowledgeable, professional and absolutely do not use High Pressure Sales Tactics. Buying a vehicle is a huge deal and you need to be absolutely comfortable with your decision before you go any further. "I really like the Grand Cherokee but after seeing the available colours I think I'd prefer a White one". "Also I really don't need the Panoramic Roof". No problem. We can reconfigure your vehicle choice and even if we don't have that exact vehicle in our inventory we can determine if another Dealer has one and do a Dealer Trade to get it for you within a few days. If your dream vehicle is not available, we can do a Factory Order and your new vehicle will be built exactly as you want it.
Once your choice of vehicle is made, we will work with you to put together the very best, most competitive deal that also makes good financial sense for you. We are not a huge GTA Dealership but we pay the same for each vehicle that any other FCA Dealer pays AND we don't have the overhead of a big GTA dealership. The end result is you will pay less, deal with real people who will treat you with respect and come away thinking "that's how buying a vehicle should be"!

Step Six: Drive home in your New Car, Minivan, SUV or Truck.

Wasn't that easy?